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Brock Martin

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“I look up to anyone who inspires others to be more creative and passionate about their endeavors. Coming from someone with little confidence in himself, I aspire to be the catalyst for others who want to pursue their dreams.” — BM

A  descendant of the Eisenhower family, it is no wonder that Brock has blacksmithing in his blood – Eisenhower means “iron worker’ in German.  As a youth, Brock was introduced to metal work through his father who is a welder and gifted artist. Further encouraged by his high school teacher, a member of the medieval reenactment group Society for Creative Anachronism, he gained the confidence to pursue a career as a blacksmith. 

Brock cultivated his skills under apprenticeships with mastersmiths William Rogers and David Burress.  He also traveled abroad to Japan where he met with master blacksmiths and swordsmiths, which deepened his respect and commitment to his craft.

Though his primary interest is in the creation of arms and armor construction, he can also be found making decorative ironwork. He and his father often work together fabricating and forging historical as well as fantasy weapons, armor and other unique objects of art.

On his journey, Brock has always taken the time to share and educate others in his craft while addressing and eliminating misconceptions associated with the art. 

He currently teaches an array of classes at his workshop in Hickory, NC.