GEP Artist


Glass artist

Aaron Shufelt



"The act of creating leads to many possibilities, these possibilities lead to many decisions, and these decisions lead to more questions that are critically analyzed many times over until I have created my masterpiece." — AS

A recent graduate from Western Carolina University, Aaron received his BFA in Sculpture. Although he is a highly accomplished sculptor in multiple mediums including wood, metal, glass and ceramic he has been specializing in glass for the past four years.  Technique is important to Aaron but he feels that the process of creation is the most critical element of his work – being open to many possibilities as the work develops and letting each moment of creation inform the final piece. He works in a wide range of genres, from traditional flared bowls, to dragon eyes, funky vessels, and conceptual sculpture pieces. His work is predominately influenced by history, culture and the environment.

According to Timm Muth, GEP Director, "Aaron brings a rare level of energy and enthusiasm to his workspace, and his demonstrations are a crowd favorite."