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Tadashi Torii

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After moving to the United States in the late eighties, Japanese native Tadashi Torii's life changed when he realized he had found his true calling in art. He graduated from Georgia Southwestern State University with his BFA in glassblowing/sculpture in 1997.

Over the past 20 years Tadashi has created his own unique body of work inspired in part by his heritage, by nature and the human experience. Glass gives Tadashi the opportunity to express his most inner thoughts and emotions. He uses that very creative energy from within to make his glass creations come to life. His works can be found in many private collections and museums throughout the Southeast.

With over 25 years of glassblowing experience, Tadashi has a wealth of knowledge to draw from. He can easily teach first-time students how to make a simple ornament or cup. Then he can switch gears and demonstrate how to create a complex vase using glass cane and murrinis, reverse-axis twists, incalmo, retticello, and other advanced glassmaking techniques. Tadashi is interested in teaching more long-term classes (10 or 12 sessions) for students who want to dive deeper into the art of glassblowing.