Become a Tenant

The Coy Melton Memorial Greenhouses at the GEP are heated using methane gas from the old Dillsboro landfill, with biodiesel as a backup fuel source.

A portion of the 7500 square feet of space is used to raise and propagate plants by the County Grounds Department for landscaping projects.  The remaining greenhouse space is available for rent to promote local agriculture businesses or efforts.

By renting greenhouse space at the GEP, local growers are able to build their businesses without investing in costly greenhouse construction.  They also save on heating bills by primarily using our landfill gas.


We are currently reevaluating our Greenhouse strategy in an effort to offer space to more members of our community. Our new rental policy will be posted within the next few months. We appreciate your patience.

We value your opinion!  Please send any comments or suggestions to


Old Greenhouses

Recycled Greenhouses — In early 2006, GEP received a donation of abandoned greenhouses from former local growers Coy and Chris Melton. The greenhouses were disassembled, transported to GEP and then reassembled by the Jackson County Maintenance and Grounds Departments and the Haywood Community College Horticulture Club.  The Meltons had a 10-year-old eyesore restored to a pasture and tons of materials were saved from the landfill.

Reconstruction of the new 7500 square foot greenhouses was completed using steel from the donated framework, saving roughly $25,000 in material costs. Funds to complete the greenhouses were generously granted by NC Rural Center, Golden Leaf, and USDA Rural Development.