Anagama Kiln Rental

Our Anagama Pottery Kiln is based on ancient Japanese designs and American inspiration.  The 100 cubic foot kiln is fired using wood and waste vegetable oil as fuels, and consistently reaches temperatures of 2400 degrees F (Cone 10).  A secondary chamber is used for soda-fired pottery, while the main chamber is reserved for traditional wood firing.

The kiln was designed and built by Preston and Sara Tolbert of Hemlock Pottery, with the assistance of alumni, staff, and students of Western Carolina University’s Ceramics Department.

We encourage both public and private use. Rental is open to schools, professional potters, general artists, hobbyists, groups of individuals, and more.


• 70 cubic feet: main chamber

• 30 cubic feet: soda-fired chamber

• Cone 10 temperatures (2400 degrees F); higher temperatures possible

• Passive, down-draft design

• Kiln rental includes access to the GEP gallery for product sales.



Dates for use must be secured at least 1 month in advance

Qualified *Fire Boss required for all firings.

(*) A Fire Boss leads the kiln-firing effort and gives direction to the group on placement of pots, temperature profiles and firing schedule. Several GEP approved potters offer services as a Fire Boss. Fees vary and are based on the size and scope of firing. 

Potters experienced with wood firing can serve as their own Fire Boss.


Soda Chamber (30 cu ft) — $75
Main Wood Chamber (70 cu ft) — $150
Entire Kiln (100 cu ft) — $200

Kiln rental is calculated at roughly $2/cu ft and does not include fuel. Renters can bring their own wood, or purchase wood from the GEP at market prices. 


For more information about kiln rentals, call 828-631-0271.